[Centos] NIC detection by anaconda

Lauro L. A. Whately whately at lcp.coppe.ufrj.br
Tue Jun 8 13:49:14 UTC 2004

Hello all,

 I'm not able to install CentOS in a motherboard with a onboard 3Com
gigabit nic (3c904/Syskonnect). Although there's a device driver for the
Syskonnect (sk98lin) in the linux kernel, the installation program is
asking for this interface module.
 I tried to create a device disk, but without success.
Maybe I'm missing some information about the modules detection by the
 How could I check the modules in the iso image ? or how could I insert
a new module in the iso image ?
Anyone could gime me some help on this problem ?  

Lauro Whately.

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