[Centos] 3.1 on ASUS SK8V SATA problem

Tue Jun 1 02:18:34 UTC 2004
C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at nc.rr.com>

This is my first post to this mailing list, although I have been reading
it for a while. Please forgive the length of my message. Also, great

I'm trying to get Centos-3 running on an ASUS SK8V Opteron motherboard
in a way that is useful for me. I've had some success, but now I'm stuck
on a problem with the SATA driver.

Okay, so I got it up on the network by replacing sk98lin with the one
from 2.4.26. While I'm pretty confident that's not a supported thing to
do, the machine is pretty useless to me off the network. I know I could
throw a supported adapter in it, but it works as is.

By the way, my intention is to get a native amd64 distribution of Linux
running and my preference is that it be a RedHat derivative. I am not
able to tell from the cAos web site whether there are any plans to
release an amd64 version of Centos. The only reference I see to that
platform is in the FAQ and looks specific to cAos. There are amd64
sources on RedHat's web site for rhel3. My experience of Centos so far
is of it being i386 centric.

So, the problem I hit. I installed Centos-3 using the iso images onto a
couple of SCSI drives I have in the system, then got the 2.4.21-15
kernel update and enabled SATA support. Through a series of modprobes, I
got it to recognize the drive. However, it didn't find a valid partition
table, and the geometry is way off. My SATA disk is a WD740GD, a 74GB
drive. Fdisk thinks it is 30MB, 255 heads, 63 sector/track, 3 cylinders.

Have I done something wrong, or is the VIA SATA support in this kernel
just not gonna hack it? The SK8V uses the VIA VT8237 southbridge chipset
if anyone knows about this.

Thanks for any help.
C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at nc.rr.com>