[Centos] Nvidia Driver and CentOS-3

Fri Jun 18 16:37:50 UTC 2004
scty Library <sctylib2004 at yahoo.com>

Ok, Well I have narrowed it down to my mother board.

It is a Biostar mother board with an NForce2 chipset. 

I have the Nvidia driver working on my home machine
which is and Asus board with an NForce chipset running
CentOS-3 and the Nvidia driver works fine.  

It has to be the NForce2 Chipset that is no good.  I
have tried updateing bios, Kernel and Xfree.  There is
just something with this NForce2 Chipset.

Well that all the info I have right now.

Dominic Iadicicco 

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