[Centos] Diff files to be made publicly available.

Wed Jun 30 12:52:07 UTC 2004
kevin <kwood at free.fr>

I plan to highlight the differences
between RHEL and CentOS 3.1.

Making this information clearly available
without the need for duplicated effort across the world.

This will help others take CentOS  in
different directions benefiting us all.

It will help individuals create new projects
more easily and efficiently.

Are the diff files readily available,
can I download them from anywhere?

If the diff files were made available with each update,
the community would understand more,
less questions and confusion would occur.
More scrutiny would result in a better product for us all.

RHEL takes open source software and closes it.
CentOS takes this closed software and reopens it.
By making the changes open to public inspection,
CentOS would become 100% open source.

I have no wish to waste months of effort duplicating your work,
even if I write scripts to automate the task.

I can host the files on a server if you have no wish to do so at caosity.

Alternatively I could do this work for you.

Kevin Wood

Open source, open mind.