[Centos] How to send in donations via check? and some other suggestions.

Thu Jun 10 19:04:29 UTC 2004
Greg Kurtzer <greg at runlevelzero.net>

Great news regarding the donations.

I have partnered the cAos foundation with an organization that manages this
for us called Kintera. You can donate by credit card or paypal account there.
Info at:


("Contribute to cAos")

If you need to send a check, I can give you the information directly (I just
have not published yet) to the PO Box. Email me off list and I will send you
the info. (This will be put on the site soon)

Also, good advice as to publish the wants and needs of the foundation. I will
do that shortly.

On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 10:50:12AM -0700, Mike told me:
> Greetings.
> I have just successfully updated a RH-9 file server to CentOS-3.1. I'm 
> VERY impressed.  I have a client who has 4 Redhat servers (1 x 7.3 and 3 
> x 9.0) that I would like to migrate to CentOS-3.1.
> Question: My client is willing to send a donation for these boxes but 
> they just want to send you (caosity.org) a check that will cover the 
> next couple of years.
> Who do we make the check out to?  Where do we send the check?
> And if a bulk donation via check is OK, then please publish the payee 
> information on the website.
> Another suggestion...
> Under the "Contribute to the CaOS Foundation", I think it might be 
> useful to specifically list the current help or tasks wanted/needed for 
> the foundation.
> Just my $0.10 worth ($0.02 adjusted for inflation).
> Michael Chinn
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