[Centos] rebuilding errata src rpms

Mon Jun 21 19:33:43 UTC 2004
cweisiger at i-55.com <cweisiger at i-55.com>

Usually less than 24 hours 
but there is a libpng security update that hasnt
been taken care of im guessing because its been
3 days since the posting on redhats site..

i have checked all the mirrors listed on the site (centOS)
and yet to see the updated libpng rpm...

i understand that kernel issues are some what different
in being that it deals with pretty much the whole

a libpng update is something rather small and could have
been released already...i have rebuilt the src.rpm on
a test server (using rpmbuild --rebuild src.rpm) but didnt know exactly
if that was the proper way to rebuild the src rpms (if thats how
the people at centOS do those) and didnt install it on my production 
server...and if it is that easy then i could just rebuild
 the src.rpms that dont need any spec file changes until
 i get a better understanding of what needs to be changed
 in those type of situations..and just wait for kernel
 updates from the people at centOS themselves
to rebuild those(kernel updates)

i am using up2date to keep my system updated with 
the necessary updates from the servers...could that 
be an issue or not?

i have no problem rebuilding the src.rpms if how i do it
is the proper and correct way to accomplish such a task..
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That should work in most cases...

You are aware that CentOS releases updates shortly after RedHat?
Usually less than 24 hours for security related issues.


On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:40:49 -0500 (CDT), cweisiger at i-55.com
<cweisiger at i-55.com> wrote:
> I am running centos-3 and have a question about
> rebuilding errata srpms from redhat.
> Do all i have to do is run
> rpmbuild --rebuild filename.src.rpm
> to rebuild the rpm for use on my centos system?
> I am talking about the src.rpms that dont have a
> a filename change for example the rpm file name
> change for kernels, etc that add c0 to the rpm filename
> I am assuming that if the src.rpm filename from
> redhat errata page matches that of the rpm in
> centos that there were no .spec file changes
> and that i can run the above command to rebuild
> the rpm or any other src.rpm and then install the
> updated rpm on my system.
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