[Centos] Cannot install

Lance Davis lance at uklinux.net
Sat Mar 13 16:38:23 UTC 2004

On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, syv wrote:

> Hi,
> Beta 8, selected server & developer.
> The installation goes into a loop on disk 2, with the error, that
> it cannot read zlib-devel... claiming that either the file is
> corrupted or the drive is not working.
> The disk is OK: md5 ok
> The file is OK, I can open it on the same machine in Windows and
> see the files within the rpm.
> Any suggestion?

Very strange - although it is the last file on the cd ...

It may be due to the size of the cd image which is a little over 
700,000,000 bytes  - the final build will be limited to 650 MB = 
6,815,744,000 bytes 

But it is odd that you can read it - ...

Can you do the install without the devel stuff and then see if you can 
install that rpm ???

I dont think it is a packaging problem because I have done 'everything' 
installs from that set of isos.


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