[Centos] How quickly are RHEL errata released as CentOS errata ?

Greg Kurtzer

greg at runlevelzero.net
Wed May 5 18:02:50 UTC 2004

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 10:13:20AM -0700, Troy Engel told me:
> I've thought about this -- why doesn't CentOS and WBEL merge? It sure 
> seems like they do exactly the same thing. I'm sure people have thought 
> about it, is there already a thread archived on this somewhere you know 
> about?

Here is an order of events as I recall...:

   - decided on making a new linux distro called caos
   - build infrastructure and community to implement plans
   - talked with rhel-rebuild people about making a 'product'
   - publicly released plans for another distro called caos-el (centos)
   - built infrastructure and general policies 
   - we were about 2/3rds of the way through when WBEL was announced
   - I sent email to JohnM about working together, and had no response
   - we continued on our path because several of us could not reach JohnM
   - DavidP contacted us to tell us that Tao Linux was releasing
   - We worked with David and offered resources (now we share a bugzilla)
   - Centos was released

More partnerships with WBEL were abandoned because JohnM seemed hard to
communicate with. Also, (I know this sounds bad, and I apologize in advance
for it) but he is 1 hacker. We already had a handful of good hackers that were
teaming up on this project. It did not make sense for us to stop working or
pursue further partnerships with the WBEL project. 

While I _really_ hate to have redundant efforts in the community, sometimes it
is unavoidable. :(
Greg M. Kurtzer

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