[Centos] CentOS-3.1 update2

Thu May 20 11:14:44 UTC 2004
lance at uklinux.net <lance at uklinux.net>

Unless anyone shouts I intend to push all the update2/testing stuff into 
updates for 3.1 later on today - say about 22:00 UTC  All the security 
related updates have already been released.

I am not convinced that lack of feedback means that there are no problems, 
more likely it means that not many people have tested the stuff, but I 
have had no serious problems and cant do any more testing.

The only problem I did see was that the CentOS gpg key had to be 
re-imported after the update, I assume due to the rpm upgrade.

If anyone wants a chance to test the CentOS-3.1 update2 stuff then please 
shout and I will hold back the release.

To test it just uncomment the [testing] repo in yum.conf (but not the 
gpgcheck line).

Any issues either email or post to bugzilla.



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