[Centos] Install of 3.1 aborts

Mon May 3 15:48:14 UTC 2004
Lance Davis <lance at uklinux.net>

On Mon, 3 May 2004 c.xxx at gmx.net wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> yes I did check the installation medium (dvd), so that's not the problem.
> My system only contains components which are accepted by the redhat
> hardware compatibiliy list.
> But anaconda fails, announcing:
> You are trying to install on a machne which isn't supported by this
> release of CentOS-3
> The error message stems from this part of anaconda code in
> packages.py:
>     # this is a crappy hack, but I don't want bug reports from these people
>     if (iutil.getArch() == "i386") and (not grpset.hdrlist.has_key("kernel")):
>         intf.messageWindow(_("Error"),
>                            _("You are trying to install on a machine "
>                              "which isn't supported by this release of "
>                              "%s.") %(productName,),
>                            type="custom", custom_icon="error",
>                            custom_buttons=[_("_Exit")])
>         sys.exit(0)
> Is this as it should be?????????????????
> And what does it mean?

You were answered on irc - centos-3.1 does not support amd k6


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