[Centos] How quickly are RHEL errata released as CentOS errata ?

Wed May 5 18:43:27 UTC 2004
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>

Greg Kurtzer wrote:
> Here is an order of events as I recall...:
> ...
> While I _really_ hate to have redundant efforts in the community, sometimes it
> is unavoidable. :(

Thanks for such a great rundown -- for those like me new to this all, 
it's a good history primer. Well, the best we can all hope for is to 
forge ahead with good faith, and maybe cooperation will happen in the 

I personally went with CentOS because of what you also saw -- when 
looking at "things", it felt like CentOS was more of a team effort with 
multiple developers and a good roadmap than WBEL (not putting WBEL down 
at all, never tried it). I, like many others, are simply trying to adopt 
the 'right' distro for machines we don't want to touch, and don't need 
highpriced RHEL support.


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