[Centos] Newbie Questions - Yum, etc.

Thu May 6 18:51:10 UTC 2004
R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com>

On Tue, 4 May 2004, Peter J. Mignone wrote:

> Hi All:
> My name is Peter J. Mignone and I have a little Linux experience.  From what
> I have read about CentOS, it appears very interesting so I am trying it out.


> I get a header.info error when I tried yum which I have never used.
> How do you set up yum?  Where do you point it, etc.?

If you did a CD based install, it should already be installed 
and configured properly -- is your network interface up, and 
does it have access to a working DNS and outside connectivity?
> If my understanding is correct about the licensing, I should turn off
> anything pertaining to the Red Hat Network.  Is there anything else that
> should be removed?

Nothing sould should be accessing Red Hat corporate restricted
resources -- if you find a usage pattern in the install which
does, it is a bug and we wish to fix it; a bugzilla (which is
the Open Source way of tracking issues) is available at:  
http://bugzilla.caosity.org/ to receive reports.

> Is there any restrictions on rpm for Red Hat enterprise.  In other words, If
> I find a rpm on say rpmfind.net for red hat could it be used?

You may be confusing rpm (the package manager) and the 
content rpms (binary packagings of applications and so forth) 
-- using rpmfind.net is probably not the best way to proceed 
-- if you have a need which is not in the add-ons, please 
mention it on this mailing list, and it will probably get 
built for you on a centos-31 native environment.

that said, as to content which is provided through the CentOS 
subproject of the cAos meta-project, there will be no such 

As you get more comfortable with source packages, it is 
possible to do this yourself -- the IRC channels mentioned at 
the website are full of prople to assist in a knowledge 
transfer and empowerment of this type.

-- Russ Herrold

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