[Centos] MC

Tue May 11 16:17:26 UTC 2004
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>

I would also recommend using the FC1 or FC2 repositories of SRPMS, they 
are more compatible with RHEL3 than the older Centos2/RHEL2 sources. 
Even though mc hasn't been updated, they may have tweaked a build step, 
who knows.


Use the rpm-build package, and go the route of rpmbuild --rebuild like 
everyone suggests; using popt is a crutch that will just get you into 
trouble later I'm sure, better to learn the new ways.


Jakub Wojtanowski wrote:
> I used mc-4.6.0-9.i386.rpm  and it worked fine, but I wanted to know why
> rpm --rebuild didn't work. As for Tom's advice I don't have /etc/popt .
> Guess I need to create one
> Best Regards
> Cooba
>>I used the following link
>>m which is running fine on my system.
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