[Centos] Segmentation fault: ftp

Thu May 13 08:26:09 UTC 2004
Chris Sorisio <chrissorisio at peaktechnical.com>

I've been lax in responding to my own e-mail; I discovered the cause of 
the problem earlier this afternoon.

Evidently my iptable rules are not properly set up for FTP.  When 
iptables is active, passive FTP doesn't work at all and my ftp client 
crashes.  With iptables inactive, passive FTP works fine and I hadn't 
tried non-passive.

The kernel version was the latest stock CentOS EL; I believe that's 

Tom DE BLENDE (GCC) wrote:

> I might be way off it, but what kernel are you using?
> Chris Sorisio wrote:
>> I have a handful of servers and desktop computers here running CentOS 
>> 3.1.  When I try to use ftp from a default CentOS 3.1 install, the 
>> ftp client segfaults when I try to "mget something*".  When I use ftp 
>> from a Gentoo client to "mget something*" from the same ftp server, 
>> it works properly.  Any ideas?