[Centos] RHEL 3 Update 2

Sat May 15 01:31:51 UTC 2004
Syv Ritch <centos at 911networks.com>

On Friday, May 14, 2004, Johnny Hughes wrote:

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JH> The latest kernel upgrades are already released
JH> (2.4.21-15.EL), use yum or up2date to get them.

Actually, RH is coming out with not just correction, but a new
kernel for RHEL ES3 update 2. This looks like a new product,
which is different from RHEL ES3.

JH> Lance has posted that there will be a re-spin called
JH> CentOS 3.2 that will have all the updated rpms on the ISOs.

If I understand correctly, the new spin is 'just' a new ISO with
the current RPMs for ES3, so as not to go through have download
through the 'yum update'

JH> There will also be all the updates in a yum directory
JH> for updating already installed versions as well with yum or
JH> up2date.

JH> SO ... if you are going to do a new install, you can
JH> download CentOS 3.2 and have no required updates (when it is
JH> released)... OR if you have a previous install, you can
JH> update with yum or up2date (when all the update 2 rpms are
JH> compiled and posted).


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