[Centos] What is the update version of CentOS-2?

Mon May 31 23:41:35 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

CentOS-2 has all the patches up to and including Update 4 (Q2 2004). 
There may also be patches from after that update.  Anything which is not 
included on the CD is in the yum repository so running yum update will 
always make sure that you are running the latest, and update you to the 
next Q update when it is released.

As for your problem, I am not sure what you mean by 'CPU cycling' but 
check using the usual tools to see what is going on.  top and vmstat 
will be good places to start.  Often internal kernel work which is not 
process specific will drive up the load average without a process 
showing up in top.  Network traffic is one example and I think pipes 
between processes can also cause this.  vmstat will show your rate of 
swap in and swap out which is very useful.


jack at leadershipbynumbers.com wrote:

> I'm pretty sure that I'm not asking the question correctly, but I'd like to
> host a database that is supported with RedHat Enterprise Linux 2.1 with
> Update 2 (Q2 2003), so I'm assuming CentOS-2 fills the bill. However, when
> I run this application, I get some weird CPU cycling that I can't trace to
> any specific task.
> So, perhaps my install is not as current as I think it is. I have run yum
> for both upgrade and update.
> Thanks, Jack
>  Jack at skillstogrowon.com
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