[Centos] GFS for CentOS-3

Mon Nov 1 01:02:07 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

For packages modified in CentOS-2, I have a build script which modifies 
the rpm release string.
Release:     2.1.4
Release:     2.1.4%{centos_version}%{centos_release}

%define centos_version .c2
%define centos_release .1
is added to the top of the spec file.

The centos_version indicates what OS version is being targeted (c2 = 
The centos_release is the version of the modifications I have made. 
When the real release is updated, I start numbering at 1.  If I need to 
make a modification because of a centos only issue (like initscripts) 
then I update the centos_release to the next number.  This provides 
useful rpm release number strings and does not make the full package 
name too long (though still tricky to read mozilla-mail-1.4.3-2.1.4.c2.1).

I always start centos_release at .1.  Most changes are spec only but 
some packages have new/extra files (like apache which has a centos 
default web page).  I do not modify the existing files in the rpm but 
replace files as necessary with the prep/build rpm scriptlets.

When I built GFS, I reused my existing scripts so I also reused the 
numbering system, except with centos_version = .c3

One thing I do not do is alter the changelog.  This is because it was 
too hard to script and get all the entries in the correct order.  I have 
not got round to trying mezzanine yet, I am hoping it can solve that 
problem for me.

I hope that explains everything :)


Lance Davis wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, John Newbigin wrote:
>>...  My version numbering is slightly different to 
>>CentOS-3.  I do not use .0 for a SPEC only change because it is not 
>>scalable.  If you need to rerelease with another SPEC only change (which 
>>I have done with my GFS package) then where do you go?
> .0b of course
>>I have been using .c2 for CentOS-2 and .c3 for CentOS-3.
> hmm 
> so what do you do then if you need to make another one :)
> or have I missed something ??
> Lance
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