[Centos] no qmake on CentOS-3

Sun Nov 21 20:26:17 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


I need, but do not find anywhere, qmake, a program
that comes with qt and is normally found in the bin
directory under qt.

In addition to using CentOS-3 on text-only servers, I
am using CentOS-3 as an X desktop distribution (it
lookes exactly like RedHat 9 to me).  

On one of my desktop systems, I want to try eric3, an
IDE (integrated development environment) for python.  

During the CentOS install originally, I chose both the
Gnome and KDE options.

The installation instructions for eric3 say install qt
first, then QScintilla.  qt is already installed. 
QScintilla needs qmake to install, but qmake is not
there or anywhere.  

Is there a way to put qmake under qt where it belongs?