[Centos] Having little problems with 3.3

Mon Nov 22 14:34:03 UTC 2004
diadicic at optonline.net <diadicic at optonline.net>

Hello all,

   I just installed 3.3.  All three disk download ok and when I ran the test on them, all three passed so I thought that the install would go fine and it did.  
  However after using it for about 5 min I have noticed two things.  OO does not install by default.  When I did a reinstall I noticed that there is not option to even select it.  Maybe there is something wrong with my disks, I don't know I just what to see if anyone else is having this problem.  The rpms for OO are one the disks they just don't install even with the office packages selected during the install.  

The other thing I noticed is the fonts in Mozilla.  Now CentOS 3.1 and Whitebox 3rc2 fonts in mozilla are great.  But CentOS 3.3 I don't know what happen.  Like I said may its the disks I downloaded.  

Has anyone else had or heard of these aliments?

Thanks all