[Centos] Wiki Choices

Tue Nov 23 21:30:54 UTC 2004
Michael Jennings <mej at caosity.org>

I have selected 4 software packages for us to evaluate in order to
decide on the best possible engine for the much-requested cAos
Community Wiki.  All 4 samples are now up and running for you to try
out, play around with, and evalute.  The URL's are as follows:


Both C-Arbre and Tikiwiki allow for individual user registration and
accounts, and they both offer more than simply a Wiki engine.
Dokuwiki and PWP are strictly wikis, the former being designed
specifically for collaborative documentation.

Please note that I have done little or no customization to these
samples thus far.  Graphics, color schemes, etc. will be finalized
after we choose a Wiki.  Right now we're evaluating the samples for
flexibility, features, ease of use, compliance with wiki standards,

I would appreciate your feedback.  Send it to mej at caosity.org, post to
the mailing list, or add it to the wiki itself.


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