[Centos] Re: python dependency solution

Sat Nov 27 10:21:39 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


It seems to be OK just to install python 2.3 via rpm. 
(So my idea was not so "off the wall" after all.)  

Since Seth's reply here indicated that my idea was an
option, I decided to try it first on a test system. 
When I got to the rpm download page at www.python.org,
I found an FAQ exactly on point:

begin quote

Q) Is it safe to install these RPMs on a Red Hat
system? Will they over-write the system python and
cause problems with other Red Hat applications that
expect a different version of Python?

A) The RPMs that start with "python2.3" are built to
not interfere with the system Python. They install as
"/usr/bin/python2.3" and will not conflict with the
system Python unless you are running on a system that
ships the a version of Python which has the same
major/minor number.

To invoke the interpreter with these packages, you
will explicitly have to run "python2.3". Note that all
Python RPMs provided by Python.org and Red Hat provide
a "/usr/bin/python2.3" (or similar, with major/minor
number), even if they also provide "/usr/bin/python".
So, yes, it should be safe. 

end quote


This must have come up before, and Guido has already
worked out the details.