[Centos] Promise raid cards

Thu Nov 4 18:03:18 UTC 2004
Terrence Martin <tmartin at physics.ucsd.edu>

dan1 wrote:

> Hello.
> I would like to know if promise RAID cards are compatible with CentOS 
> / RHEL ?
> I have seen that only SATA is supported on the RHEL hardware 
> compatibility list. The other ATA raid cards seems not to be 
> compatible. They give source code and promise grants compatibility 
> with RedHat 8 and 9 but not RHEL.
> I would like to know if somebody tried a ATA raid card like Fasttrack 
> TX2000, SX4000, Fasttrack 100 TX2, etc..
> If you could share me your experience it would be great.
> My provider says that he had some bad experiences about that cards and 
> he doesn't allow me to use CentOS on his promise cards he provides 
> (only), so I cannot have RAID on my server... it's a shame..
> Thanks for any feedback.
> Daniel

If you can afford it the simplest solution is a 3Ware ATA RAID card like 
the 8506-4LP. They are true hardware raid and have had excellent support 
in Linux for a long time. They just work.

If you want to use SATA cards I would say get cards like the TX4 which 
is a non-raid card for like $70. 4 SATA ports, then add software RAID.

I use both, as well as some larger 8 port 3ware cards in some larger 
storage systems.