[Centos] most stable sata raid cards for centos

Fri Nov 12 20:00:42 UTC 2004
C.M. Connelly <cmc at math.hmc.edu>

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I'm running an array with an Adaptec 2410SA card (two-port SATA).
It seems to run fine under CentOS, but I'm not booting from it (I
have a separate SCSI drive that has the OS installed on it; the
array is used for backups).  I have lost the contents of the array
once when one of the drives failed (that was under Red Hat Linux
9, with the Adaptec driver package).  I haven't been able to get
the current Adaptec driver package to install under CentOS, but as
the card seems to work fine without it, I haven't tried very hard.

I had some issues with the SATA cables included with the Adaptec
card and ended up replacing them with cables that seems to seat
better and wobble less.

One card I would definitely *not* recommend is Adaptec's
AAR-1210SA card, a two-port SATA card with a Silicon Image
chipset.  After having lots of problems under RHL 9, I managed to
get it working with a Debian system with a custom 2.6 kernel.
Definitely not worth the money.

Both of these arrays were meant as quickie solutions to relatively
unimportant problems.  If I were to do them again, or do a more
serious project, I would definitely go with the 3Ware cards over
the Adaptec cards.  I also had a very bad experience with a
Promise external RAID enclosure that has put me off Promise for

(Actually, I would seriously consider adding disk space via one or
more of Apple's Xserve RAID subsystems, as well.)



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