[Centos] CentOS 3.3

Mon Nov 22 22:33:22 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

It should be sufficient to install the CentOS-3 GPG key and point yum 
CentOS-3 updates.  There is no need to reinstall when migrating from 
WB/RHEL3 etc to CentOS-3.

If you want the boxes to look like CentOS-3 there are a few RPM which 
you can install from CentOS-3.

initscripts (i think you might need this one)

If someone wants to keep a complete list of tasks I will add it to my 
Migration pages (which have been a bit neglected).

You might want to check my "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 AS/ES/WS x86 
Live Errata Update to CentOS-2" notes before you begin.


Tony Wicks wrote:

> Hi all, I'm looking at converting all my Whitebox servers to Centos 
> (I've already done a couple without any issues) as I am unhappy about 
> the lack of  updates or willingness to accept help on the part of the 
> Whitebox maintainers. (I run one of the main mirrors and they don't even 
> reply to my emails !). My question is, is the community around Centos 
> "active" (ie prompt updates etc). It certainly seems to be from what I 
> can see, but I'd hate to migrate 30 servers then need to move to 
> something else again later on.
> Thanks all
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