[Centos] Low end systems

Tue Nov 30 15:50:51 UTC 2004
Daniel S. Reichenbach <dsr at best-off.org>


> > Does anybody have a better picture of what this 'line' is? I.E. Intel 
> > 200, 300, 350? AMD 300, 450? Would this be Pentium vs. Pentium II? 
> > Perhaps the K6-2 series on the AMD side?
> I just installed 3.3 on a Celeron 400 last night.  Anyone else?
CentOS 3.3 on a Pentium II with 300 Mhz, a Pentium I with 166 Mhz,
one K6 system with 200 Mhz, all working fine, working as little build
farm and test suite for development. All systems have at 64MB RAM
installed. In the office we do run some systems with CentOS on PII
(333) systems with 96MB for daily work. No issues yet. All installed
with CentOS 3.1 and upgraded to 3.3. Uptime is now around half a year
with around 20 minutes administration after installation for setting
up internal yum repo.

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