[Centos] RHEL / Mini-ITX

Fri Oct 8 19:20:19 UTC 2004
Lee W <centos-list at unassemble.co.uk>

Hi Everyone,

I'd be grateful if anyone can help with a couple of queries I have.

Recently I downloaded Centos 3.3 and cannot get it to install I my system.
The system I am using to install is a based on an original EPIA Mini-ITX
m/board.  At a certain point in installing it comes up with an error saying
something like "system not supported".  Can anyone advise if they have got
Centos installed sucessfully on an ITX system?  In truth I am not surprised
that it doesn't work as I guess it is not what you would original have seen
as being used for an Enterprise Server, but lack-of-space at home prevents
me from having a full server.

The other query I have relates to differences between RHEL and Centos.  I
originally downloaded Centos as a means of studying for the RHCE/T
certification given that I cannot afford the cost of the
commercial/supported version. Can anyone point me to a summary of what is
missing from Centos compared to the Red Hat Enterprise release and therefore
may potentially hamper my studies.  The site briefly mentions that "Non-free
packages, such as those encumbered by a non-redistributable copyright or
trademark, are altered to avoid infringement".

Thank you in advance for any advise offered.