[Centos] anaconda in 3.3?

Mon Oct 18 13:01:00 UTC 2004
beau <phaedral at gmail.com>


I'm using centos3 to study for rhce, centos came highly recommended
in Michael Jang's rhce study guide.   I've been having trouble
isntalling via nfs, an early exercise in the book, and googling around
leads me to think it might be an anaconda bug.  I tried following the
anaconda link on the "upgrading from 3.1" page but it's actually a
duplicate of the anacron link.  Does anyone know if this update addresses
anything along these lines?  Is there any way of guessing whether
an update should solve my problems, or that a full re-install with
freshly downloaded 3.3 isos would be better?

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