[Centos] Lesson Learned

Mon Oct 18 13:17:51 UTC 2004
Dominic Iadicicco <sctylib2004 at yahoo.com>

Hello all,

  I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend and
thought I would share.   I noticed that the
xcdroastalpha15-rhel3.i386.rpm's non root mode didn't
work very well, so I decided to set out an build my
own rpm for it.  Well I still can figure out how to
add icons to the Main Draw but did finally build a
good working RPM.  However after doing some reading on
the Xcdroast web site, It appears that it is known
that the xcdroastalpha15-rhel3.i386.rpm does not work
in non-root mode very well and that if you want to use
non-root mode you should just download the one for RH9
"xcdroast-0.98alpha15-1.i386.rpm".  This works just

Thats all..


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