[Centos] Signing key for recent x86_64 CentOS-3 updates

Wed Oct 27 19:20:37 UTC 2004
Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>

(reposting 'cause I sent the last one from a non-subscribed address)

Hi there.

I tried "yum update"ing my x86_64 CentOS-3 box today, but the 
packages won't install and yum claims I don't have an appropriate 
signing key.  I've been happily doing updates all along (last time 
was Oct. 12) with no trouble.

The key ID used to sign the x86_64 packages is 219180cddb42a60e and 
the key ID used to sign the i386 packages is 7049e44d025e513b.

Is there a new key just for the x86_64 build?

Nels Lindquist <*>
Information Systems Manager
Morningstar Air Express Inc.