[Centos] should cAos block access to mirror.caosity.org?

Sat Oct 30 04:46:53 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


Greg suggested that I take a straw poll.  

Should cAos take steps to prevent getting stuck with a
big ISP bill in the future?  

For example, should cAos:

a) for new installs, have the yum.conf point to public
mirrors, rather than to mirror.caosity.org?

b) make sure that "yum update" does not substitute a
new yum.conf file that points only to

c) allow public mirrors to access mirror.caosity.org
directly, but block direct access by everyone else?

On the other hand, do the benefits of allowing direct
access to mirror.caosity.org by everyone outweigh the
costs of occasionally big ISP bills?

Feel free to express your views, Greg is listening.