[Centos] SX4000Lite RAID Drivers

Mon Oct 4 12:42:56 UTC 2004
David Corredor <tecnico at nsstc.uah.edu>


   I haven't used that device, but I've been working several issues with a 
pair of 3Ware 9500's , and we've seen diferences when enabling/disabling APIC 
on the MB bios (could also try booting the kernel with "noapic"). Also, check 
in your MB manual if there are any possible conflicting devices, such as the 
USB sharing the some address or resources of your PCI-X bus (something like 
that happened to me..).

 I would also help if you stated clearly what the problem is. Is the module 
not compiling (do you have the kernel sources installed ?? make sure there is 
a link /usr/src/linux to the sources...) . Or is the module not loading ? 
(check dmesg| tail -n20, and look for messages related..). Or is the module 
loading OK, but when you put load on the device it crashes ?? (that's my 
problem right now.. I'm working on that one).


> Hi I have tried to install Centos v3.3 with a PRomise SX4000Lite IDE RAID 
controller but without success.

>Can anyone give me a hint why ???  this is the first time that I use 
something besides what's included in the kernel.