[Centos] Problems with CentOS 3.3 Disk2 Iso Image?

Tue Oct 12 21:58:07 UTC 2004
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

>> Typically, these issues are:
>> 1) cheap/low quality media,
> Multiple disks burned, using various brands.  Only disk2 fails, others 
> are fine.  Every time.

typically :)

>> A better option, particularly if you have enough machines is to setup 
>> a machine as a install server.  Over the lan it's much faster than CD 
>> (for me any YMMV).  This box can also be turned into a local 
>> repository for yum updates.  It's also much faster doing an upgrade 
>> off a local box. :)
> I'm building from scratch.  It's not an upgrade.  Still may be a 
> better way though.  Can you still install over HTTP?

Yes.  HTTP installs are possible.  Probably the best way.

I'm planning on putting together a centos howto that covers this 
sometime in the near future.  Bad media is a common issue.

What Redhat issue with disk two are you referring too?