[Centos] Possible new CentOS user (currently WBEL)

Wed Oct 13 23:25:53 UTC 2004
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 19:25 +0100, Mário Gamito wrote:
> For a few months i've been using WhiteBox Enterprise Linux.
> In fact, i've migrated all my companie's servers (about 20) to this RHEL 
> distro like.

I use both WBEL and CentOS.

> Well, it's not that i'm not satisfied, but WBEL is a one man show and 
> that causes me some preocupation. And besides, it seems to me that it 
> can't stand up to the rythm RHEL evolves.

CentOS and WBEL are exactly the same programs.

> That's why i'm writing to you, posing a few questions,  if you don't 
> mind to answer:
> 1 - Why did you choose CentOS ?

I use both ...

> 2 - If you have/had experience with WBEL, why do you prefer CentOS ?

They both work well.  CentOS provides updates a little bit sooner (on

> 3 - Is CentOS ahead of WBEL in terms of being up to date with RHEL ?

CentOS generally puts out the updates 1 or 2 days before WBEL ... they
are both up to date with RHEL right now.

> 4 - Does CentOS releases an updated version everytime RH does ?

No ... but they issue new packages everytime RedHat does ... so does
WBEL ... there is not always a re-spin of the ISOs when RHEL does one.

> 5 - What is (more or less) the time gap between a RHEL update and the 
> correspondent CentOS ?

Usually with in 1-3 days.
Having a one man show can be a good thing as well ... decisions can be
made faster (There was X86_64 support much sooner in WBEL than in
CentOS, for example).

CentOS, WBEL, TaoLinux and Fermi Linux LTS are all very good and totally
free RHEL AS 3 rebuilds.

I think that the WhiteBox mailing lists are actaully quite informative
and higher volume than CentOS ... but CentOS has IRC support and WBEL

It is a personal thing ... WBEL was released first, CentOS provides
faster updates, TaoLunix provides support for the most Architectures
(x86, x86_64, s390, ia64 ... the others only support x86 and x86_64),
Fermi LTS includes things not included in the others, etc.  So there is
something good about each distro ... but they are all basically the

Please, no flame wars ... as lots of people are on all the mailing
Johnny Hughes