[Centos] centos-yumconf purpose

Tue Oct 19 14:19:58 UTC 2004
sophana <sophana78 at yahoo.fr>

yum should have an include directive and/or an include directory (like 
apache) so we can set our custom local  configuration files.
If we want to use a specific yum mirror and/or our local repository, it 
should be set in our local files that should never be updated.

To do that simply, yum could call a preprocessing tool like m4 for the 
yum.conf file.

By the way, is there a way that the yum.conf file sets the http_proxy 

Martin Hamant wrote:

>On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 22:00:45 +0200
>"dan1" <dan1 at edenpics.com> disait:
>>I did try to find out some information about centos-yumconf, but I
>>didn't find any.
>>I would like to know what centos-yumconf rpm is made for and what it
>>does(just overwrite the yum.conf file, or copy things from the
>>original and create a new one ?).
>>I dont' really understand the necessity of this package, because I
>>thought that the version upgrade was made through the $releasever
>>environment variable.
>>Any help would be much appreciated.
>Hello Dan,
>Here it is what i've understood about it:
>!!! it's right SINCE centos 3.3 (it's not right for a 3.1 systems
>upgraded in 3.3 because of an old symbolic link ! ):
>- yum RPM put a "/etc/yum.conf" , each time yum RPM is upgraded,
>/etc/yum.conf is NOT replaced.
>- centos-yumconf put a "/etc/centos-yum.conf" , each time centos-yumconf
>RPM is upgraded, "/etc/centos-yum.conf" is *overwritten*.
>the necessity of this package (i think ... ) is simply to provide the
>proper clean configuration for centos ... who remain in
>/etc/centos-yum.conf( which is never used by yum in *3.3* ), while
>/etc/yum.conf is an exact copy of it, but this last one is used by yum.
>So you never loose the original configuration while you make change into
>/etc/yum.conf, in addition of that, don't worry about yum's RPM updates
>which *could* be make changes to /etc/yum.conf, it *should* not: changes
>are to be made (will be made) in /etc/centos-yum.conf.
>He hope it's clear enough :-]
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