[Centos] different iso's

Fri Oct 22 18:08:44 UTC 2004
Lee W <centos-list at unassemble.co.uk>

Not a bad idea, but is there really any major benefit?

Surely the extra 4GB taken up by the DVD could be put to better use.  

If you want to find a method of installing without have to swap discs all
the time, why not try a network install (I use my Windows Desktop machine
running Apache, for any HTTP installs I do).  In this way you can also keep
an up-to-date yum respository which you can also burn to DVD's yourself if
you wish. Also (as I recently discovered) on disc 1 is an kernel and initrd
that allows you to do a completely discless installation using PXE network
boot, tried it last night and it works great.

Just my 2 pennies worth anyway.



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I am wondering if there are any plans to release a large dvd iso 
of the centos distribution?  dvd burners are taking off and this 
would be a good addition.  Instead of three cd iso's one big dvd iso.
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