[Centos] Release of centos-3.3 ISP bill

Tue Oct 26 17:43:48 UTC 2004
Jeff Coleman <jcoleman at rstrat.com>


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> Subject: [Centos] Release of centos-3.3 ISP bill
> It turns out that the release of Centos-3.3 was so popular, 
> that it threw us
> way over the threshold of our ISP's, and now we are stuck 
> with a _very_ large
> bill (as in an estimated 6TB of transfers). While in one hand 
> I am ecstatic
> that we are so successful, but on the other hand, that is 
> coming out of the
> developers pockets. The developers should be the last ones 
> footing these
> bills (and this one was very large).
> You can help. Please consider a donation for each of the 
> systems that you are
> using. A reasonable donation we think starts at $12US per 
> system per year. 
> That money is only spent on infrastructure and development. 
> $12 is much 
> cheaper then a magazine subscription, and if everyone 
> contributes their 
> share, we will be able to grow our infrastructure to better 
> handle our 
> growing user base, and continue to provide software to the community.
> Please visit http://www.caosity.org/contributing/ to do your part.
> -- 
> Greg M. Kurtzer


1 - I will be glad to make a donation to your project.  I would be happier
using Paypal than entering my CC info on every site that has a donations
policy.  Any chance of you creating a PayPal account?

2 - As founder of www.contribs.org (SME Server) I ran into the bandwidth
issue bigtime each time there was a release or upgrade.  The solution we
finally came to worked well for everyone.

We simply got a mirror at Ibiblio and a few others and then we rsync the
appropriate directories over to the mirrors.  All downloads happen at the
mirror sites and the bandwidth that you have is reserved for the website.

Thanks to you and all the other folks who make it possible for us to lurk
the lists and utilize your work product.

-Jeff Coleman