[Centos] should cAos block access to mirror.caosity.org?

Sat Oct 30 13:31:38 UTC 2004
Jeff Coleman <jcoleman at rstrat.com>

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> Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 9:47 PM
> For example, should cAos:
> a) for new installs, have the yum.conf point to public
> mirrors, rather than to mirror.caosity.org?

Yes, simply make sure that you have enough free mirrors that the bandwidth
supply is not limited.

> b) make sure that "yum update" does not substitute a
> new yum.conf file that points only to
> mirror.caosity.org?

Yes - requires good FAQs

> c) allow public mirrors to access mirror.caosity.org
> directly, but block direct access by everyone else?

Yes - requires good FAQs

> On the other hand, do the benefits of allowing direct
> access to mirror.caosity.org by everyone outweigh the
> costs of occasionally big ISP bills?

Not if it impacts your ability to continue providing your core services.

Feeding everyone off of mirror sites is just a minor inconvenience.  To
those who want the latest updates within 30 secs of announcements, fine.
Just don't make the announcements until the mirrors have been rsync'd.

Post instructions for modifying yum.conf anf for rsyncing isos in your faq
and move on.  Let the community bear some of the burden for the wonderful
work that you are doing.

Just my $.02