[Centos] Fastrak TX2000 & CentOS 3.3

Denis Pilon dpilon at dpilon.com
Fri Sep 24 17:20:55 UTC 2004

Beth Curotto wrote:

> Trying to install FastTrak TX2000 in box with CentOS 3.3 (kernal
> 2.4.21-20.EL.c0) install.
> Just downloaded Redhat 8/9 driver from Promise.
> But "sh install" says correct driver not found on diskette. Any
> suggestions?
> Thaks
Get a driver disk for that kernel....kernel-2.4.21-20.EL.c0...if one
does not exist...you would need to get the source and create one. 
Drivers are usually kernel/distro specific.


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