[Centos] Updates? Last samba package from RedHat? Cd images for update 3?

Wed Sep 8 10:07:02 UTC 2004
Alex Georgiev <ageorgiev at eurorisksystems.com>

Dear Centos-3 Maintainers,

there are several new (september) packages from redhat for RHEL3 especially


(samba 3.0.6).

Perhaps these new packages are not security updates, but ....

I am having problems printing in current samba-3.0.4-6.3E
which I believe shall be resolved with the new samba.

Do you guys intend to rebuild last redhat updates, or
I should do it on my own?

Also, do you intend to make new CD images with the
new RHEL update 3? This will make installing centos on
SATA machines possible!

Thank you very much for your efforts and work.
Best regards,
A. Georgiev