[Centos] kernel question

Thu Sep 16 15:30:17 UTC 2004
William Warren <hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com>

An interesting bug in RHEL 3(which affects CentOS 3) has been 
bantered around for a while.  There are some kernel 
patches(beyond my scope right now) or some echo statements tht 
are used(this helped my situation).  The newest 2.4.x kernels 
have these patches incorporated.  Would centOS 3 go nuts if i 
installed the latest kernel from kernel.org?

<btw the issue is that the 2.4.xx kernels ahve a tendency to fill 
up ram with cache..which is normal.  The bug is that the kernel 
then refuses to rlease the cache and instead starts 
swapping...which i have noticed in my little install here.  What 
i did to fix it as a workaround(noted in the buzilla report here: 
is to send the following command at the command line: (echo 1 10 
10 >/proc/sys/vm/pagecache)  I have noticed this is another RH9 
server i ahve access to and will be trying it on that box too as 
well as my linux firewall.>

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