Fwd: Re: [Centos] yum updated to 3.3, rpmdb corrupted

Fri Sep 24 10:15:30 UTC 2004
Tom Seeley <caosity at tomseeley.co.uk>

Quoting Martin Hamant <mh at accelance.fr>:

> on my freshly updated system ( 3.3 ):
> # cat /etc/redhat-release
> CentOS release 3.3 (final)
> # rpm -qa | wc -l
>     483
> And no such error message ...

Indeed, in fact I'd be surprised if everyone was having this problem; I don't
suppose 3.3 would have been released if they were.

What I am suggesting is that this is a problem with my software config (rather
than hardware).  Everything on the two machines this has happened on is rpm'd
pretty much all of it sourced from centos or dag.

I do have a lot of software installed, and I'm going to try removing some of it
(the bits not sourced from centos/dag) to try and pin-point the problem.

> >
> > Nothing happened to the machine whilst it was updating, no errors
> > appeared whilst yum was running.
> >
> > After yum has finished there are the following files in /var/lib/rpm:
> >
> > __db.001
> > __db.002
> > __db.003
> I have these files too.

Yeah, the only reason I deleted them is because googling suggested it was worth
doing before a rebuilddb.  On the first machine I did this I didn't delete
those files and the rebuilddb didn't help.

> > Anybody else have a better solution?
> >
> Are you sure the MD5 of your CentOS's file is ok ?
> Maybe a corrupt Rpm or whatever ... i don't know.

Unfortunately, I haven't turned off yum's gpg checking so that doesn't seem very