[Centos] Re: more about nVIDIA on Linux^h^h^h^h^h RedHat

Sat Sep 25 01:19:41 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


I have two bits of info that suggest this is more of a
RedHat problem than a Linux problem:

1) A high school friend had exactly this problem
(screen when blank when booting up) on a computer
running RedHat 9.  (A different monitor had been used
to install RedHat 9, and that monitor worked OK. 
Later, my high school friend got a different monitor,
which went blank on boot up.)  I solved the problem
for my friend by swapping his nVIDIA card for a Voodoo
Banshee.  (And then I upgraded him to CentOS-3.)

2) I tried doing a Debian X desktop install on my test
bench system with the nVIDIA TNT2 card plugged in. 
Debian's X install is more manual (less automatic)
than under CentOS.  I had to tell it which driver to
use ("nv"), which I found by looking it up via Google.
 Debian could not get X to load -- after the screen
flashed several times, Debian gave up and dumped me
onto a text prompt with some messages on the screen.  

Maybe it is fair to say that it is a Linux problem,
which RedHat 9 and its descendants do not handle well.