[Centos] Forum

Thu Sep 30 11:17:06 UTC 2004
suporte at pro-site.net <suporte at pro-site.net>

Hi CentOS lovers,

i have already sent this email to [www-devel] but still no answer. What i
propose to the comunnity is the creation of a full featured forum. Mailing
lists are fine, but one losses a lot of information, how-to's, advices,
and so on.

I currently am a network administrator / programmer /web programmer in
europe and i point the lack of centralized site with information as
something that is really needed. It is also an easy way to reach all the

I dont want to have the spotlight or become famous, but this is really

I can deply the forum (for instance, phpBB like) and host it in one of my
web hosting companies.

Just reply yes or no.

Thks for the time of all.

Best Regards