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Thu Sep 30 11:33:25 UTC 2004
suporte at pro-site.net <suporte at pro-site.net>

Hi Lance,

sure i can do it. Lets start it even today!

just send me a list of the moderators needed. The forum is for the
community but obviously we MUST have moderators. The mantainers are my

and we must create the topics of the forum.
i will browse some forums this afternoon and then post a basic structure
of the topics.

if anyone has some ideas of topics needed just reply.

Thks for all

Best Regards

> On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 suporte at pro-site.net wrote:
>> Hi CentOS lovers,
>> i have already sent this email to [www-devel] but still no answer. What i
>> propose to the comunnity is the creation of a full featured forum. Mailing
>> lists are fine, but one losses a lot of information, how-to's, advices,
and so on.
>> I currently am a network administrator / programmer /web programmer in
europe and i point the lack of centralized site with information as
something that is really needed. It is also an easy way to reach all
the comunnity.
>> I dont want to have the spotlight or become famous, but this is really
>> I can deply the forum (for instance, phpBB like) and host it in one of my
>> web hosting companies.
>> Just reply yes or no.
> yes that would be great if you can do that, moderate it etc etc :)
> let us know where it is, we can point forum.centos.org at it, and link
from the website
> Regards
> Lance
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