[Centos] Maintainers and security updates

Wed Sep 8 17:54:01 UTC 2004
Greg Kurtzer <greg at runlevelzero.net>

Are you curious how many people have access to the private key? If so, then
just 4.

If you are interested in how many people contribute or help the project, then
the number is much higher. For the re-spinning of Centos3 with the U3 updates,
we are already looking at a shared model for this (ie: certain people 
maintaining the updates, another group to maintain the ISO's, and someone else 
to maintain the base OS and rebuild when necessary (ie. RHEL4), etc...).

Being part of the cAos Foundation also means that there are other people that
will help with bugzilla, web site, mailing lists, server administration, and
also bandwidth costs. We are trying to share as much of the load as possible 
and leverage the resources that we have through donations and monatary

One of my goals when creating the initial caos project and which is now a goal
of the Foundation itself, is that our projects utilize a significant amount of
time, and being able to "share the load" through the community actually makes
the amount that one person has to do quite less.

I am very appreciative to all of the people that have contributed to the cAos
Foundation and its projects. Without the community helping, we would not be
where we are today. With that said, we still need more help. If any of our
projects interest you, then please volunteer your efforts or contribute to the

As far as the U3 release of Centos, there was some talk about it on the
centos-devel mailing list, and they are coming. Please stand by for some
announcements. ;)

On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 06:43:57AM -0700, Michael Rock told me:
> Hi, can someone tell how many are behind maintaining
> the site and converting security and regular RHEL
> fixes for Centos-3? I see the last round of security
> updates for RHEL were turned out in a day which is
> impressive. 
> Trying to get an idea if Centos has alot of community
> support and being maintained by more than one person.
> I am not confident enough yet in building my own
> updates.
> I am another RH 7.1/8.0 admin that labored over the
> decision to go with Fedora Legacy 6 months for these
> servers only to find mailings to stop without any
> notice. Since it seemed awfully quiet for a time I
> checked their website and found support suspended for
> these version due to lack of community involvement.  
> So doing a little more investigating this time to see
> if the community is really into the project before
> settling down with a solution.
> thx
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