[Centos] new gaim packages? (RHSA-2004:400-01)

Thu Sep 9 00:49:02 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

William Warren wrote:

> this may be obvious..but you do not have to instlal the isos to get the 
> updates contained in the respin correct?
I might be speaking out of turn here because I am most familiar with 
CentOS-2 not CentOS-3.

yum will update all your packages to the U3 packages when they are 
released.  The only reasons you would reinstall would be:
- You have do to a new install and don't want to have to install  as 
many updates
- You need the new version of anaconda to install onto new hardware 
(that was not supported in older versions).

There are also some small differences you might see but you can fix 
these without a reinstall:
- some packages get removed.  (For example in CentOS-2 they removed 
mpg321 and netscape 4)
- some new packages get added (again in CentOS-2 they added arptables_jf)

The comps file might also be changed to reflect these and other 
dependency bugs.  This should not be a problem to most people.


> donavan nelson wrote:
>>  From all indications I've seen, everyone is busy with the updates 
>> package building and the 3.3 iso respin.  Hopefully package updates 
>> will start hitting the mirrors on Friday.  I'm sure those will include 
>> the gaim update.
>> Ajay Sharma wrote:
>>> has this package been rebuilt?  I didn't see an announcement for it.
>>> --Ajay, who's not bitchin', just wondering...
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>>>                    Red Hat Security Advisory
>>> Synopsis:          Updated gaim package fixes security issues
>>> Advisory ID:       RHSA-2004:400-01
>>> Issue date:        2004-09-07
>>> Updated on:        2004-09-07
>>> Product:           Red Hat Enterprise Linux
>>> Obsoletes:         RHSA-2004:033
>>> CVE Names:         CAN-2004-0500 CAN-2004-0754 CAN-2004-0784 
>>> CAN-2004-0785
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