[Centos] Apt repositories for CentOS?

Thu Sep 9 03:55:31 UTC 2004
seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu>

On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 23:52 -0400, Shawn M. Jones wrote:
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> Greetings again folks,
> One of the things I like about Fedora Core is the fact that I can add
> apt as a repository tool.  Has anyone done this for CentOS-3?  Why was
> yum chosen?  I prefer apt over yum because of features and was wondering
> if anyone had created an apt repository for CentOS.
> Thanks in advance for the info, I'm not trying to start an apt vs. yum
> discussion/war.  I know the two can coexist on the same server, so...
> Also, what's the deal with up2date on CentOS-3 nowadays?  Is it just my
> server that was having the freaky python error messages?  I've been
> using yum for a month or so now.

right now the problem with apt on centos-3 or any of the rhel rebuild
projects is that apt has issues with how red hat implemented multilib

so many issues, in fact, that it can't do it.
so that means no x86_64 at all.

What feature in apt are you missing in yum or up2date.

oh and the reason for the failure in up2date is b/c of a problem with
the package red hat originally shipped. It should be fixed in centos 3
update 3 - due out this week - or earlier next week.