[Centos] RHN-like system for CentOS?

Tue Sep 14 17:43:23 UTC 2004
seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu>

> I'd be very interested in a simple tool that can do this against the new 
> repository metadata. I think it could be part of a tool-set for packagers 
> and sysadmins. There are some other basic tools that packagers and 
> sysadmins are currently lacking, like something to clean up 
> .rpmnew/.rpmsave mess, to backup a system based on what's different from 
> the rpmdb, a tool to reinstall a system that has been damaged or rooted, 
> etc...
> I've written some of these things for myself in Bash, but like to 
> reimplement and improve them using python and the python-rpm bindings.

Two suggestions:
 1. read yum-devel list - panu is working on a repoquery tool for the
command line that could get information from a new metadata repository
from the command line.

2. I would have much interest in helping develop an xml-rpc interfaced
tool that uses the yum python module to retrieve lists of:
   - package updates/changes etc
   - local rpmdb status information - changed files (rpm -Va
   - arbitrary query information.

Let's take this over to the rpm-metadata list or the yum-devel list and
see if we can get some new tools knocked out.