[Centos] XF86Setup

Tue Sep 14 21:33:06 UTC 2004
Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>

On 14 Sep 2004 at 23:03, dan1 wrote:

> I am looking for the famous XF86Setup command used on RedHat 7.1 (for
> XFree86) but I didn't find it on CentOS 3.1.
> Did it change into something else ?

Yup.  Redhat renamed a bunch of configuration utilities, probably in 
an effort to standardize things a bit.  Have a look at all the files 
starting with redhat-config-* in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin.  You're 
specifically looking for /usr/bin/redhat-config-xfree86.

> Same questions for starting the hardware material configurator. How can I
> force it to run ? I know that it runs automatically at boot when we change a
> card or device, but how to force starting this program manually ?

It's called kudzu.  "kudzu --usage" will likely tell you what you 
want to know.

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