[Centos] SATA RAID Card

Tue Sep 21 07:36:26 UTC 2004
Pierre-Francois Honore <pfhonore at cea.fr>

FastTrak S150 TX2plus works for me on a Dell Precision WorkStation 650
running Scientific Linux 3.0.2 kernel 2.4.21-15.0.3.ELsmp and PROMISE
driver version from: 

I have used a additional standard IDE drive to install, compile the
module and copy the filesystems to the SATA drives.

[root]#cat /proc/scsi/ft3xx/2
PROMISE FastTrak TX4000/376/378/S150 TX Series Linux Driver Version
Adapter1  - FastTrak S150 TX2plus
Array     - Array[1] : 1+0 Stripe (OK)
          - Array[2] : 1+0 Stripe (OK)
Drive     -
  1 : WDC WD2500JD-75GBB0   IDE1/Master 249999MB IRQ(48) UDMA5 Array[1]
  3 : WDC WD2500JD-75GBB0   IDE2/Master 249999MB IRQ(48) UDMA5 Array[2]

Pierre-Francois Honore <pfhonore at cea.fr>